Please, some perspective.

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As a reader, you’ve noticed it, right? How when a woman writes a certain kind of story, one that shares the experience of a rape or sexual assault, there will be at least one insensitive and contrary comment left by a man?

This male reader may victim-blame the author, challenge her version of events (even though he wasn’t there), or even just tell her to get over it. You have to wonder, what kind of person does that to someone brave enough to share their trauma? …

Until it didn’t.

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Keto, my friends. Hacking your body’s metabolism through dietary changes to burn ketones for energy, instead of the body’s usual energy source: bad, nasty, unfashionable glucose.

Naturally, you wonder, am I someone who might be capable of this extreme new way of eating? But after dining out with your keto friend, and watching as they eschew the fresh, hot bread roll with butter, the answer is a decided, sweet baby Jesus, no.

After all, if you don’t need to lose weight, why bother? My friend Bea, the one studiously avoiding a hot crusty white bread roll while out to dinner…

As a 13 Year Old I Had Really Bad Judgement

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I still remember the day Mel Gibson and I met. He was a handsome young man in army greens, looking for adventure, and lying about his age to enlist to fight in some random war. Meanwhile, I was a starry-eyed 13-year-old, pleased history class would consist of watching a VHS video, (albeit, about some random war).

So moved was I that day, by Mel’s portrayal in Gallipoli of a young man sacrificing his life for his country (juxtaposed by a, not at all gratuitous bath scene), that I decided then and there in history class, he and I were meant…

Imagine for a moment that guys are the ones menstruating

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What might Freud’s take be if men got periods instead of women? Period Envy, of course. All our womanly distresses would be traced back to our inability to menstruate. Poor women, would go the theory, forever inferior thanks to their empty, menstruation-free lives.

In her classic 1986 essay, ‘If Men Could Menstruate,’ Gloria Steinem took the opportunity to poke fun at the way we frame anything and everything male, as superior. It’s why if men were to get periods you just know menstruation would get a nifty PR overhaul.

For a start, there’d be so little shame around the topic…

What you don’t know can’t hurt you, right?

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Believe it or not, there was a time not so long ago where stalking wasn’t a thing. I mean, it was, but you had to be a celebrity to have one of them. Jodie Foster had a stalker, for example, a man named John Hinckley who was obsessed with her. That situation came to public light when Hinckley attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in a bid for her attention.

Nowadays, any celebrity of any note (and those of no note) are likely to have a stalker or two. More to the point, anyone from any walk of life can…

It Didn’t Go Well.

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You know how it is. You’ve written something over 600 words and you know it’s good. Or, at least not terrible. I mean, you ran it through Grammarly, credited the image, and managed some paragraph breaks. What more is there? Hey, just the fact you managed to write at all, right?

Especially after the dreadful week you just had, with that whole online identity fraud episode. Which, to be clear, was a simple misunderstanding and literally could have happened to anyone. I mean, no one got hurt.

The point is, reasons to celebrate are few and far between these days…

Mothers, Daughters and Conversations Not Had.

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My mother is strong. Not emotionally, but physically, and the strength persists to this day, despite being in her mid-seventies. As I helped her support my unwell father, lifting him into a sit-up position, I could feel the difference in our capabilities, with her doing the lion’s share.

She was known for this strength. The times a child would appear at our door with a bottle or jar their own mother couldn’t open, but she could. It wasn’t a fine motor skill — my mother loathed crafts and needlework— but sheer, superior, physical power.

My mother was also known for…

But Forgets to Say Please.

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You’ve got to hand it to the Australian government.

In July 2020, the Australian treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, stood up at the National Press Club, looking for all the world like an embarrassed schoolboy, and urged Australian women to have more babies, amid concerns the falling birth rate has compromised the future tax base of the nation.

His timing, if not his cluelessness, was nothing short of spectacular.

After all, nothing says strategic quite like asking the nation’s women to gestate and populate, just as they double down at home with remote work, running a household and family, while home-schooling the…

Making it Work For You.

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The local grade school our daughter went to, boasted a program for Gifted and Talented children, boasted being the operative word.

Quietly contentious amongst parents, the program was never more so than when a Gifted and Talented child left and the search would go out for the next previously ordinary child, now identified as gifted, to fill the vacant spot.

By the time my daughter, Edie, was in fourth grade all her friends had been siphoned, one by one, from the mainstream classes into the Gifted and Talented stream. One-third of the area’s children were now considered Gifted and Talented…

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Recovering economist. I write about parenting, politics, health, and feminism. Sporadic attempts at humour. Curious to a fault.

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